The napping house writing activity

Discuss the art concepts of perspective, color, light, dark, warm and cool colors, and details Learn sequencing and cause and effect Find patterns in literature Find the differences among visual characteristics in the illustrations of the story During Instruction Set Up Tell the students that you are going to read the book twice. The first time you will read the words and they can help when they can. The second time you and the students will talk about the illustrations. Lesson Directions Step 1:

The napping house writing activity

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the napping house writing activity

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I got the idea from a Marilyn Burns activity. After readingthe story te second day I ask the kids how many feet are there in the napping house and we count--adding 2+ 2+4+, etc. I have them cut out a house. Mount Vesuvius as seen from the ruins of Pompeii, which was destroyed in the eruption of AD The active cone is the high peak on the left side; the smaller one .

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the napping house writing activity
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