Rock gym business plan

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last. Skip any questions that do not apply to your type of business.

Rock gym business plan

Climbing gyms give people who live in pancake-flat areas and people who lack the leisure time or inclination to climb outside the chance to test their coordination, strength and balance on artificial walls in a safe environment.

Whether you are a die-hard climber looking to turn that passion into a business or a serial entrepreneur who just spotted a perfectly cavernous space for rent, opening a rock-climbing gym takes patience, special know-how, and a little bit of daring--just like climbing itself.

Select the region your climbing gym will serve. Factors to consider include existing climbing gyms if anypopulation, demographics and the general culture of the area. Draw up a business plan, both as a tool for showing potential investors and as a way of making sure you have a realistic understanding of what it will cost to start a climbing gym.

Expenses to account for include rental or purchase of a space, design and installation of the rock walls, hiring qualified staff, purchasing and installing safety equipment, making sure the building complies with all applicable codes and standards and liability insurance.

Locate a suitable facility for rental or purchase. Most rock-climbing gyms, with the exception of those that are exclusively dedicated to bouldering climbing low, with padding instead of ropes for protectionhave walls at least 30 feet high to simulate climbing outdoor rock formations.

Hire specialists to design and install the indoor rock-climbing walls and the rest of the interior space.

rock gym business plan

In addition to climbing walls with ropes and anchors or auto-belay systems, you may want your climbing gym to include a bouldering-only area, a retail store, showers, gear lockers and a party room.

Obtain the necessary permits, licenses and passed inspections you need in order to operate your climbing gym. Your marketing strategy may include a big opening-day bash, coupons for birthday parties distributed in a local parenting publication and discounted membership packages for local companies and college students.

Connect with the established members and leaders of the local climbing and outdoor communities and the people in the neighborhood around the facility to discover their needs, wants, ideas and opinions about gaining a climbing gym.

Even if those opinions are mixed or not always helpful, the simple act of communicating with people shows them you respect them and are here to serve the community. Purchase insurance coverage and have a lawyer experienced in commercial liability issues draw up the release forms that all people who come to climb at the gym will sign.

In addition to having people sign forms, you should also post signs reminding people that climbing takes place at their own risk and can cause injury or death. Add amenities like yoga classes or traditional workout facilities--such as weight benches and treadmills--if you want your climbing gym to have wider appeal or if community members suggested them during your outreach research.

Most climbing gyms have names that reference their physical location, the nearest mountains or climbing location, or some variation on the word "rock" or "vertical.Climbing Gym Business Modeling Software.

Gym-Calc is the most comprehensive climbing gym planning and start-up resource available anywhere. Gym-Calc embodies the same kind of business analysis and planning techniques used by investment bankers and business development executives at Fortune companies.


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Igneous Rock Gym rock climbing gym business plan executive summary. Igneous Rock Gym will take advantage of the growing mainstream interest in rock climbing by opening the first climbing gym in the area.

The owners, including an experienced climbing instructor, will f. New Rock Climbing Gym Business.

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Maybe you’re climbing and you want to share your skill with others. Or maybe you don’t even know what is, but you do know that rock climbing gyms are an increasingly popular fitness option for adventure seekers and novices alike. Rock Climbing Gym Business Plan – Sustainability and Expansion Strategy The future of a business lies in the number of loyal customers that they have, the capacity and competence of the employees, their investment strategy and the business structure.

Igneous Rock Gym rock climbing gym business plan financial plan. Igneous Rock Gym will take advantage of the growing mainstream interest in rock climbing by opening the first climbing gym in the area.

rock gym business plan

The owners, including an experienced climbing instructor, will f. New Rock Climbing Gym Business. The next step is to write a business plan for your climbing gym.

Once you have a plan and the finances are locked in, we can proceed with making your rock climbing gym dream come true. In addition to website and financing services.

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