Reiss three year marketing plan

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Reiss three year marketing plan

Reiss, the idiosyncratic British fashion label founded by David Reiss in the era of Swinging London, is an exception to the rule.

But as a manufacturer, the dock strike taught him an early lesson in the importance of being in control of his supply chain: We had nothing to produce.


The template for Reiss was more or less complete. We had a unique look because we manufactured some of our own goods and we were also bringing in the hot fashion labels from abroad. But as the decade wore on, warning signs began to emerge.

The whole high street follows the herd; they see a concept and try to copy at the best price. I decided that was not where we wanted to be. Through the company worked on the launch of Reiss womenswear, which proved to be another turning point for the company.

That, in turn, means you need more flexible factories.

Reiss three year marketing plan

Everybody started talking about us. We became a major talking point in the industry. Reiss stopped wholesaling inand now the only way to buy Reiss clothes is through therapidly expanding chain of Reiss stores. Reiss currently has 38 stores, but plans are already in place to expand this to The group will continue to expand on a small scale in the UK, but the real growth will come from overseas.

Here Reiss is following a double strategy: Reiss has no difficulty with using franchising alongside organic expansion. It has already won two major awards, including best international store design, and is trading at 50 per cent above expectation.

Even on a like-for-like basis the business is growing at 20 per cent per annum. Despite the increasing scale of his operation Reiss believes the only way he can continue to be successful is to remain in direct control of the business. I take it forward, I work with the design team, I look at locations and countries and that takes up most of my time.

But with very low gearing and the internal resources to fund the expansion he is in no hurry to sell out or bring in investors.Essay on Reiss Three Year Marketing Plan Words | 19 Pages prices. proved to be a successful year for the organization, where it achieved £ million in operating profit and sales of .

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Reiss three year marketing plan

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The following 3 year strategic marketing plan will demonstrate the steps Reiss need to take in order to become a dominant force in the UK and a strong international brand. Keys to success: Show More.

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