Online resource that supports scholarly writing apa

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Online resource that supports scholarly writing apa

British Library 19th Century Collection BL Over 65, recently digitised editions from the British Library's 19th century collection, comprising over 25 million pages of previously rare and inaccessible titles.

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British Periodicals Collections I and II with Wellesley This archive traces the development and growth of the periodical press in Britain from its origins in the seventeenth century through to the Victorian "age of periodicals" and beyond. This unique digital archive consists of over periodical runs published from the s to the s, comprising six million keyword-searchable pages and forms an essential record of more than two centuries of British history and culture.

On and off campus: British Pharmacopoeia BP Up-to-date, authoritative resource on standards for medicinal substances and pharmaceutical products in the UK: British Standards Online BSOnline Definitive site for all publications from British Standards Institution, with bibliographic information for more than 39, documents.

Burney Collection The newspapers and news pamphlets, gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney represent the largest single collection of 17th and 18th century English news media available from the British Library.

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The collection includes nearly 1 million pages from more than pamphlets, proclamations, newsbooks and newspapers from the period, including the first successful London daily and first illustrated newspaper all dating from Business Source Complete EBSCO Access to full text of nearly 8, scholarly business journals and other sources, with coverage including virtually all subject areas related to business and economics.

Also country economic reports from a range of authoritative sources. Cambridge Journals Digital Archive CJDA This archive provides access to journals published by Cambridge University Press from until - approximatelyarticles and over 3, pages. Subject areas covered in this rich collection of high-quality, fully searchable archives include: CareKnowledge Full-text information service that monitors policy, practice and research developments in the area of social care.

Featuring commentaries, briefings and knowledge maps on a range of subject areas including: Adult and child services, adoption and fostering, learning disabilities, mental health, and new legislation and law.

online resource that supports scholarly writing apa

Access from the University Campus only.Write and Cite This guide offers information on writing resources, citation style guides, and academic writing expectations and best practices, as well as information on resources related to copyright, fair use, permissions, and open access.

Recommend at least one other online resource that supports scholarly writing, and explain your rationale.

For Academic Administrators Increasingly, the sources used in research papers are obtained online.

Lastly, share two APA formatting rules with the class and a specific page number in the APA manual where this rule can be located Support your Discussion assignment with specific resources used in its preparation using APA formatting. This is a blog on scholarly writing by Dr.

Thomas Lawrence Long, a nursing professor at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. It has links to many resources as well as calls for submissions for journals and conference abstracts.

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The early s marked the first publications both in English studies and communication studies to address lesbian and gay issues. We offer minute consultations to all students on academic papers.

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