Life with aspergers essay

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Life with aspergers essay

Sometimes it's an amazing journey. Sometimes it's painfully challenging. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.

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If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. What's it like parenting a child with autism? Every parent has a different experience and a different story to tell. Every parent, whether they have a special needs child or not, faces struggles and triumphs.

Every second, every minute, and every day is very different. There are some universal experiences we as parents share -- whether our children have autism or not -- and then there are things that even the most empathetic person cannot understand without having a child with autism.

Sometimes, it's an amazing journey. Sometimes, it's painfully challenging. At times, it's incredibly rewarding.

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At times, it's a huge struggle. On most days it's a healthy variation of all of these and more. Autism looks completely different in every person on the spectrum.

There is a saying that if you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.

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That said, meet one person with autism -- our son Evan. He was diagnosed a few days before he turned 2. He is now 9. These photos were taken over the course of a day to show what living with autism looks like for us. Meet Evan Evan loves to play and be silly.

He likes swimming, gymnastics, singing, and watching videos on YouTube or playing video games. He also loves lightbulbs, subways, the color purple, and curly hair.


He hates sirens, spiderwebs, and when lights are turned off unless he is the one turning them off. Like many children with autism, Evan has a hard time understanding social cues and needs to be taught how to initiate conversations.

Without some coaching, every conversation would start with, "Do you have spiderwebs in your basement? Yes, they annoy each other a lot, but they also like to spend time together. Here they are watching TV and unaware of the camera. Evan spent the first half of his life mostly oblivious to those who loved him.

Now he is happiest when he's with family or friends.

Life with aspergers essay

Evan hates sirens Many individuals on the autism spectrum have sensory processing issues. This means that a person can be extremely sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, or textures. Evan hates the sound of sirens.

Unfortunately, he hears them frequently. When he was younger, the sound of a siren no matter how faint would send him into an all-out tantrum that took hours to recover from.

Now, a siren makes him angry and agitated until it stops. Sometimes he is able to cover his ears until it stops without any other negative behaviors. Every day is different This particular afternoon was not a good one for Evan.

What causes a meltdown one day, doesn't the next.

Life with aspergers essay

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Asperger: Learning and Formal Education Essay. Asperger’s syndrome? I would define Asperger as a syndrome in which a person can get from birth that can be defined as a mental disability that is a form of autism.

Asperger’s Syndrome a Disability Throughout Life Donna Walker Student at Portland Community College Table of Contents 1) Asperger’s Syndrome is a term used to describe individuals with autism that have the ability to use language and vocabulary.

Essay on Asperger Syndrome 3. That's because autism is a very wide spectrum, and it's nearly impossible to paint an accurate picture with just a short definition or sound byte.

So I'd like to paint a picture of what autism. Asperger’s Syndrome Essay; Asperger’s Syndrome Essay. Words 9 Pages. Asperger’s syndrome is becoming more and more common as time goes by. Each year, more children are being diagnosed.

This paper focuses on Asperger’s Syndrome and developing social skills in various social settings. Essay on Life with Asperger’s Words. Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental syndrome. It is said that every 2 out of 10, children are affected by this disorder.

Asperger’s is mostly diagnosed in young children. Parents usually recognize symptoms of this disorder in their kids around the time they turn 3 years old. Asperger’s.

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