Excel 2007 vba write array to range

David Heffernan k Thanks, it seems like it's working but I can't really tell because I can't actually see what's in there. Do you know how to print the values into Cells? Here's what I have so far:

Excel 2007 vba write array to range

This allows the user to array enter your function click here for information about array formulas into a range of cells on the worksheet to display the contents of the array that is returned by your UDF.

This page looks at a few issue that might arise when you are returning arrays from UDFs. Choosing The Right Return Array Size At its simplest, the size of the returned array can be mandated by the function and require that the user use an array that size in order to get all the results.

You must array-enter that function into a range of cells that is 5 rows tall and 2 columns wide.

Excel VBA, debugging range/array

To mandate the size of the returned array, simply declare the array to that size and setting the result of the function to that array.

However, this is usually not the case. In the majority of circumstances, if your UDF is going to return an array, that array will vary in size and the size will depend on any one or more of three things: Caller will be a Range object only when the function in which it appears was called from a worksheet cell.

If the function was called from another VB procedure, Application. Caller will be an Error-type Variant and most any attempt to use it will result in a Type Mismatch 13 error.

If the code containing Application. Caller was called via the OnAction property of a Shape object on a worksheet, Application. Caller will be a String containing the name of the sheet. Therefore, if your function might be called from another VB procedure rather than only from a worksheet cell, you should test Application.

Caller with the IsObject function to ensure that it is indeed an object before attempting to access any of its properties. In Excela new object, Application. It is similar in nature to Application. Caller, but differs when a UDF is array entered into a range of more than one cell.

Caller will return the a Range reference to the entire range in which the UDF was array-entered. ThisCell returns a reference to the first upper left cell in the range from which the UDF was called.

Frankly, I'm not sure why Application. ThisCell was introduced in the first place.

excel 2007 vba write array to range

In the example code on this page, we will not test Application. For simplicity and brevity, we will assume that the function is being called from a worksheet.

Caller, you can determine the number of rows and columns from which the function was called. If you want to return an array the same size as the range from which the function was called, you can use code like the following: You can, of course, ignore the size of the range from which the function was called and return an array with the dimensions required by your function's purpose.This book is an easy read.

The language is simple and human. This is a programming book written for the novice who wants to get a grasp on Excel VBA programming.

Create a variant array (easiest by reading equivalent range in to a variant variable). Then fill the array, and assign the array directly to the range. Dim myArray As Variant myArray = Range("blahblah") Range("bingbing") = myArray The variant array will end up as a .

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Introduction. The VBA Sub is an essential component of the VBA language. You can also create functions which are very similar to subs. They are both procedures where you write your code. I'm working in a British context right now. Which I think I have set up in regional settings (Windows 7 in a corporate context, Excel , ver (I think this may also be Office ?

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