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D4darious writing a check

In this post we will be looking at how to make a film on your own without a film crew or even without actors. This will all be explained in 7 actionable steps, including story concept ideas, what equipment to use and planning tips. By the end of this post you will have a stronger idea of how to shoot a film on your own as a one man video production.

You may be shooting a film on your own due to the specifications of a project or find it easier to be a one man film crew. Being a one man crew has its difficulties - filmmaking is a very cooperative art and working within a crew will only help get you ready for more professional work.

However shooting on your own could save you the stress and complications that come with relying on people in low budget filmmaking. The One man film crew: The Script In filmmaking one page of a screenplay equals to approx one minute of screen time.

Start Here

G For a 5 minute film you will need 5 pages of screenplay. How long will your film be? You may wish to watch some short films for examples on YouTube or Vimeo that are the same length as your film.

Will your film be a Vlog or a Narrative film? Some basic story writing advice is to focus on your chosen genre and consider the conventions of that typical genre. Will the genre be a Documentary, Horror or Rom-com? Will you be using actors in your film or will you be a solo filmmaker?

d4darious writing a check

Here are some examples of films all shot by one person. Keep a journal or virtual document to jot down ideas when you have them. Consider what locations you have to use, what props and equipment you already have access too. The Equipment What equipment do you have access to?

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On the cheapest side your mobile phone is good enough to record a film on to or a basic digital camera. For audio a Rode Mic such as this one will fit on top of your DSLR and is perfect for interviews or close to camera audio. For a handheld tripod you can use Gorilla tripods.

For a good solid Tripod try the company Manfrotto Will you be using natural light? For one man band filmmaking you could use a simple battery powered LCD light for on top of your camera.

Pre-Production To start planning your film shoot complete a script break down. What locations do you need to find? What costumes or props do you need to get ready? Create a list of every scene and bullet point what you need. This is also a good time to storyboard your film.

You might like my post - How to storyboard a short film How to Find actors? I found the easiest way is to go to your local drama centre or college drama class and ask. The sites Star Now and Mandy allow you to put up online ads for actors. Block off half an hour per actor to audition, discuss the project with them, perhaps have them read a scene from the script.

Shooting Schedule It will take time to find a day when everyone is free to work on your film. One man band filmmaking is significantly easier to organise. If you do have actors in your film you may wish to create a Facebook Group page so everyone can chat together and find a time to shoot when everyone is free.

When organising the shooting day leave additional time between travel - what may be a half an hour drive for one person could easily take an hour for others. Everything takes longer than it should in film, give additional spare time between travel and location changes.

Make sure your script breakdown is ready before your shoot. Double check you have props and costume ready.Designate a new section of your sketchbook and write ‘Value-Added Portraits’. Compose a minimum 2-paragraph description, with specific references to the images, indicating how the key sets the mood of .

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D4Darious. Hello TrueMOBSTER. I am a writer/director who has just finished shooting a full length (90 minute) movie.

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Your writing and creative work is your RESPONSIBILITY.

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