Comparison rock vs rap

Two of the most popular genres of music in pop culture are Hip Hop and Rock. People are often divided with the genre they prefer and, in terms of music culture, nothing has divided humanity more than Hip Hop and Rock. Stereotypes have emerged based on these two music styles but fortunately, in these day and age, these two types are gradually merging, blurring the lines between subcultures.

Comparison rock vs rap

According to the founder of one of these labels, Cherry RedNME and Sounds magazines published charts based on small record stores called "Alternative Charts".

The first national chart based on distribution called the Indie Chart was published in January ; it immediately succeeded in its aim to help these labels.

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At the time, the term indie was used literally to describe independently distributed records. According to one former DJ and promoter, "Somehow this term 'alternative' got rediscovered and heisted by college radio people during the 80s who applied it to new post-punk, indie, or underground-whatever music".

Journalist Jim Gerr wrote that Alternative also encompassed variants such as "rap, trash, metal and industrial". Alternative can describe music that challenges the status quo and that is "fiercely iconoclastic, anticommercial, and antimainstream", but the term is also used in the music industry to denote "the choices available to consumers via record stores, radio, cable television, and the Internet.

Alternative bands during the s generally played in small clubs, recorded for indie labels, and spread their popularity through word of mouth.

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Bya majority of groups signed to independent record labels mined from a variety of rock and particularly s rock influences. This represented a sharp break from the futuristic, hyper-rational post-punk years. Alternative music is any kind of music that has the potential to reach a wider audience.

It also has real strength, real quality, real excitement, and it has to be socially significant, as opposed to Whitney Houston, which is pablum.

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While on occasion a song would become a commercial hit or albums would receive critical praise in mainstream publications like Rolling Stonealternative rock in the s was primarily featured on independent record labelsfanzinesand college radio stations. Alternative bands built underground followings by touring constantly and by regularly releasing low-budget albums.

In the case of the United States, new bands would form in the wake of previous bands, which created an extensive underground circuit in America, filled with different scenes in various parts of the country.

As a result, few British alternative bands have achieved commercial success in the US. Artists that had cult followings in the United States received greater exposure through British national radio and the weekly music press, and many alternative bands had chart success there.

Both started out as punk rock bands, but soon diversified their sounds and became more melodic. Out of Washington, D. Rites of Spring has been described as the first "emo" band.

With a reputation as the "darkest and gloomiest form of underground rock", gothic rock utilizes a synthesizer-and-guitar based sound drawn from post-punk to construct "foreboding, sorrowful, often epic soundscapes", and the subgenre's lyrics often address literary romanticism, morbidity, religious symbolism, and supernatural mysticism.

Reynolds noted that The Smiths' "whole stance was predicated on their British audience being a lost generation, exiles in their own land". Despite the band's limited chart success and short career, The Smiths exerted an influence over the British indie scene through the end of the decade, as various bands drew from singer Morrissey 's English-centered lyrical topics and guitarist Johnny Marr 's jangly guitar-playing style.

The Jesus and Mary Chain 's sound combined the Velvet Underground 's "melancholy noise" with Beach Boys pop melodies and Phil Spector 's " Wall of Sound " production, [55] [56] while New Order emerged from the demise of post-punk band Joy Division and experimented with techno and house music.

Named for the band members' tendency to stare at their feet and guitar effects pedals [57] onstage rather than interact with the audience, shoegazing acts like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive created an overwhelmingly loud "wash of sound" that obscured vocals and melodies with long, droning riffs, distortion, and feedback.

The sample illustrates the change in dynamics from verse to pre-chorus and chorus. This structure of "quiet verses with wobbly, chorused guitar, followed by big, loud hardcore -inspired choruses" became a much-emulated template in alternative rock because of "Teen Spirit. By the start of the s, the music industry was enticed by alternative rock's commercial possibilities and major labels actively courted bands including Jane's AddictionRed Hot Chili PeppersDinosaur Jr.

The breakthrough success of the band Nirvana led to the widespread popularization of alternative rock in the s. The release of the band's single " Smells Like Teen Spirit " from its second album Nevermind "marked the instigation of the grunge music phenomenon".

Due to constant airplay of the song's music video on MTVNevermind was sellingcopies a week by Christmas Nevermind not only popularized grunge, but also established "the cultural and commercial viability of alternative rock in general. Every major label has a handful of guitar-driven bands in shapeless shirts and threadbare jeans, bands with bad posture and good riffs who cultivate the oblique and the evasive, who conceal catchy tunes with noise and hide craftsmanship behind nonchalance.Hip hop or hip-hop, is a culture and art movement developed in the Bronx in New York City during the late s.

The origins of the word are often disputed. It is also argued as to whether hip hop started in the South or West Bronx. While the term hip hop is often used to refer exclusively to hip hop music (also called rap), hip hop is characterized by nine elements, of which only four.

Comparison rock vs rap

Similarities Between Rock and Rap Music By Ryan Heiser ; Updated September 15, On the surface, rock and rap music could not seem more dissimilar.

Rock music places a heavy emphasis on melodies, guitar hooks and booming choruses, while rap artists utilize a combination of bravado and wordplay to weave dense stories buoyed by thumping.

Alternative rock (also called alternative music, alt-rock or simply alternative) is a style of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the s and became widely popular in the s.

In this instance, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music. The term's original meaning was broader, referring to a generation of musicians.

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