An analysis of the topic of the peaches by mr akira

There aren't many great sentences, but greatness doesn't strictly need em. The war is there, the terrible firestorms, the terrible hunger; but nothing of the cult a death cultking cult, Prussia cult, and race cult that caused them. There is a little bit of Edo totalitarianism a lord having a maiden burned alive to render a painting of hell more realistic at least.

An analysis of the topic of the peaches by mr akira

Variable - her appearance can change to any humanoid form she desires. Normally has a short stature at 4'6" and short blonde hair with many dark green streaks, though their exact pattern and locations tend to change.

1990s fantasy films

Likes wearing a black collar and an orange hoodie jacket with a light pink shirt underneath, along with black short shorts and pale pink thighhighs. Maintains a very casual attitude and tends to keep her hands in her pockets. Has a sunny disposition and practised to produce a perfect innocent smile.

Her eyes are usually golden brown, though they can take on any colour she needs them to.

An analysis of the topic of the peaches by mr akira

Hidden in her sleeves and pockets are several sets of durable knives, though she more often relies on her limbs for direct confrontation. Vaguely amiable in terms of direct interaction, as well as habitually sharp-tongued and caustic.

That said, she doesn't mind making new friends when the opportunity arises and quite open to talking with strangers. However, she dislikes receiving personal questions in almost any capacity and has no problem lying about it - everything from her age to her background to her name.

She has a strong leaning towards sarcasm and teasing others, which makes approaching her more difficult. Distrustful of others as a whole and hates having to explain things about herself, but her own habit of lying also makes her hard to put much faith in.

In truth, she'd like to find someone she could trust, but she makes sure to keep everyone at arm's length despite her outgoing traits, knowing they'll disappear eventually and leave her alone again. Any bonds she forms are rarely anything more than a fleeting indulgence - temporary and superficial.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter to her. However, the precious few who do gain her trust quickly find a loyal ally in Akira As she so rarely bonds with others, she becomes overwhelmingly attached to those she does bond with and deeply reluctant to part with them.

Though she still applies her snarky facade around them in public, these people are almost always privy to the most honest side of Akira: Originally the child of Karin Muyoka in another time and space, inheriting her power over gravity in the process.

Over the course of many years, Akira came to master the skill and wield it on equal parity with her mother - and then continued to expand on it, delving into her own research on its applications.

Naturally, she is nowhere near her apparent age; even in her own world, she had vastly surpassed it before beginning to tap into the full potential of control over gravity. When she became skilled with it decades after that, Akira had become capable of passing from one dimension to another at will - but when she crossed from her own world into another universe in her very first experiment, she realized she had no means of "locating" her dimension again.

Though surrounded by many of the exact same people who acted in exactly the same way, Akira was aware that they were not the same people she "knew" throughout her life prior to the test, and so sought to find her way back. As she worked, she eventually determined how to pull existing objects she had with her from other random timelines at will - and then how to duplicate herself, as well as fully control them.

Despite all this, she could never pinpoint her true home in the endless ocean of possibilities - but refused to give up. Akira turned to walking across time and space, searching for anyone who may have an answer for her. She used her power to help others along the way, determine their problems before they spoke them and solve them with seemingly no effort - though in truth, the effort was countless times more than it appeared.

Eventually, she would have to move on again and continue seeking out the answer, leaving them behind - and eventually, she realized that regardless of how much she helped them, it didn't matter.

Not to her, not in the new time or place she went to, and not in the slightest in the grand scheme of everything.

For a time, Akira opted to run rampant and do as she pleased with her abilities, consequences be damned; there was no prison that could hold her, no punishment that could last for her. However, that also lost its appeal.

There was no repercussion to fear and no shortage of worlds to burn, but there was no point in it all for exactly the same reasons.

Desperately seeking something that could offer her purpose, Akira took on the role of a guard - watching for the ripples and fluctuations in time and space, then hunting down and eliminating the ones responsible.

The position lasted her longer than any other - a purpose that stood level with her capabilities, and at times even went beyond it and overwhelming Akira More often than not, cause and effect failed to hold true.

The ability to cross from one universe to the next was accounted for in another level of possibilities - and crossing those was accounted for once more in an even higher level of dimensions in endless recursion.

Dying and taking a new body again and again, drawing one clone after another from infinity, everything ceased to hold any true value whatsoever to Akira. Throwing aside that purpose, Akira wandered dimensions without reason.

She was simply an observer from outside - watching the world before her, never touching or interacting, before moving on to the next exhibit.Oct 21,  · Mr Hudson & The Library – Bread & Roses (EP) New Rhodes – The History Of Britain Akira The Don – When We Were Young Alesha – Fired Up Angelis – Angelis Blue October – Foiled The Brakes - The Beatific Visions Return to Chart Analysis.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Naine: How mysterious there are two colors mixed in your eyes. You don't know which is the right one, so you won't pick. You're at a standstill, locked away in your own shell or something like that.

Jan 30,  · Mr. Wheelwright, then a young man, took a liking to this clock and, instead of selling it, kept it for himself and hung it on the wall of his shop. He took good care of it, which is why it lasted until the th anniversary of its creation, when it awakened into the tsukumogami now known as Valerie.

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Miss Peach was a syndicated comic strip created by American cartoonist Mell ran for 45 years, from February 4, , to September 8, Format and style. The daily strips often contained only a single panel. The format was "gag-a-day".The drawing was stylized: the children had tiny bodies and large heads with flounder faces (both eyes on the same side of the nose).

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