An analysis of make a wish foundation

History[ edit ] The basic idea has been expressed through narrative a number of times.

An analysis of make a wish foundation

When exporting to Archicad, textures are also generated for each material. The export to IFC format includes the different types of joists reinforced, prestressed, in situ, steel and open-web joists present in joist floor slabs.

Results There are many tools available to be able to check all the graphical results on screen. After the analysis it is possible to visualise the deformed shape of the structure in 3D with a colour scaleproduced by the simple loadcases or by a combination of loadcases, including earthquake loading.

It is also possible to observe an animation of the deformation process produced by the selected loadcase combination. The displacements, forces, force combinations and steel areas of flat and solid slabs, slabs on grade and waffle slabs can be represented by contour maps coloured diagrams in which each colour represents a value and in contour line diagrams curves that joint geometric points with the same value.

It also carries out a graphical consultation of envelopes, deflections, etc. The reinforcement of all the elements can be modified with a subsequent check in foundation pads, pile caps, beams, columns and joist floor slabs.

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With the beam reinforcement editor a complete visualisation of the frame is obtained where the user can graphically modify the results, add, delete, join and divide longitudinal bars and links as well as being able to modify their lengths and anchorage lengths.

It is possible to copy reinforcement amongst frames of the same or different floors and group frames in the same floor before and after the analysis. The user may automatically equalise all the top reinforcement of joist floor slabs by length or bar size and length.

This way, a more uniform reinforcement is obtained and, therefore, easier to place on site. The program modifies waffle slab and flat slab reinforcement by means of view tables. The reinforcement can be copied from one floor to another, modify the geometry after the analysis and introduce reinforcement without analysing.

Editing of foundation pads, pile caps, base plates and strap and tie beams results to be a powerful tool allowing the check to be carried out of any geometry and reinforcement defined by the user.

A report can be obtained of all the checks carried out on the foundations and view its compliance factor. It is possible to equalise the geometry, type and reinforcement of pad foundations, pile caps, strap and tie beams and base plates.

Drawings Project drawings can be configured with different formats and paper sizes standard or user defined. All of the drawings can be integrated or only those layers that are deemed necessary, such as stairs. In the floors of the job, a drawing editor is available, which allows multiple resources to be used: These modifications are saved with the project.

Consult more information on the Construction Detail Library of steel, concrete and mixed elements. You may apply any scale, line thickness, font size, frame etc, This way you my completely personalise the drawing.

You may obtain layout, floor plan, foundation, beam, column schedule, column and shear wall detail, foundation loads, wall elevation, stair, load, corbel, etc drawings.

An analysis of make a wish foundation

They optionally include take off and reinforcement detail tables. They can be configured so that our users obtain the drawing adjusted to each of their needs. Reports You may easily obtain reports of all the introduced data and of the results: These reports contain all the checks carried out by the program to design the structures and constitute an important document with which the user can: Verify the design of the sections Optimise the design of the sections The level of detail of these reports also acts as a detailed guide so the user can know all the checks the section is submitted to.

The inverse of the global stiffness matrix of the structures will be obtained in the least possible time thanks to the substructure condensation method and the system resolution of equations by frontal methods.

With unlimited nodes and bars, in general practice. A complete spectral mode analysis is undertaken resolving each mode as a loadcase carrying out the modal expansion and the modal combination to obtain the forces; all this without the need of having to produce equivalent earthquake static loads, which is the simplified method used by others.

A vast amount of analysis and reinforcement options are available to be able to take into account those aspects that are deemed most adequate.

Additionally, for each structural element and each reinforcement position, personalised reinforcement tables may be defined. Versatility of the foundations.The Make-A-Wish foundation was created show more content Since its creation, Make-A-Wish has become an international charitable organization granting a wish every 40 minutes to a terminal child.

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