A review on electronic filing systems information technology essay

If your agency does not have security procedures in place, the head of your agency may want to ask a regional GSA Federal Protective Service office to conduct a physical security survey to ensure that employees are working in a safe and secure environment. Before requesting a security survey, your agency may want to do a "crime assessment" of the risks you and your coworkers may encounter in your workplace.

A review on electronic filing systems information technology essay

City of Rockford v. This discovery order was written by U. Magistrate Judge Iain Johnston who entitled it: Thank you Judge Johnston. In City of Rockford an Elusion random sample quality assurance test was required as part of the parties discovery plan to meet the reasonable efforts requirements of Rule 26 g.

The random sample procedure proposed was found to impose only a proportional, reasonable burden under Rule 26 b 1. What makes this holding particularly interesting is that an Elusion test is commonly employed in predictive coding projects, but here the parties had agreed to a keyword search based discovery plan.

We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. For those not familiar with this famous Known Knowns quiphere is a video of the original: Here the knowledge logic is spelled out in a chart, since I know we all love that sort of thing.

Anybody who does complex investigations is familiar with this problem. Indeed, you can argue this insight is fundamental to all of science and experimental method. The deep, hidden information that is both obtuse and rare. Information that is hard to retrieve and harder still to prove does not exist at all.

A review on electronic filing systems information technology essay

Are you chasing something that might not exist? Something unknown because nonexistent? Such as an overlooked Highly Relevant document? The stuff of nightmares! Are you searching for nothing?

If you find it, what does that mean? What can be known and what can never be known? Scientists, investigators and the Secretary of Defense alike all have to ponder these questions and all want to use the best tools and best people possible to do so. Instead, he used the quote to emphasize that new e-discovery methods, namely random sampling and statistical analysis, can empower lawyers to know what they never did before.

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A technical way to know the known unknowns. For instance, a way to know the number of relevant documents that will be missed and not produced: As the opinion and this blog will explain, you can do that, know that, by using an Elusion random sample of the null-set.

The statistical analysis of the sample transforms the unknown quantity to a known subject to statistical probabilities and range. It allows lawyers to know, at least within a range, the number of relevant documents that have not been found.

This is a very useful quality assurance method that relies on objective measurements to demonstrate success of your project, which here is information retrieval.

This and other random sampling methods allow for the calculation of Recall, meaning the percent of total relevant documents found. This is another math-based, quality assurance tool in the field of information retrieval. One of the main points Judge Johnston makes in his order is that lawyers should embrace this kind of technical knowledge, not shy away from it.

A producing party must determine that its search process was reasonable.


In many cases, the best way to do this is with objective metrics. Producing parties often put significant effort into brainstorming keywords, interviewing witnesses to determine additional terms, negotiating terms with the other party, and testing the documents containing their keywords to eliminate false positives.

However, these efforts often still fail to identify documents if important keywords were missed, and sampling the null set is a simple, reasonable way to test whether additional keywords are needed. The parties came to him instead with an interesting, esoteric discovery dispute. They had agreed on a great number of things, for which the court profusely congratulated them.

The attorneys are commended for this cooperation, and their clients should appreciate their efforts in this regard. The Court certainly does. The litigation so far is a solid example that zealous advocacy is not necessarily incompatible with cooperation.

The current issue before the Court is an example of that advocacy and cooperation. The parties have worked to develop a protocol for the production of ESI in this case, but have now reached an impasse as to one aspect of the protocol.

The parties disagreed on whether to include a document review quality assurance test in the protocol.

A review on electronic filing systems information technology essay

The Plaintiffs wanted one and the Defendants did not.Ecommerce And Electronic Payment Systems Information Technology Essay Published: November 30, This project deals with e-commerce and electronic payment systems EPSs and its importance in the ever advancing world of technology and electronic services.

Health Information Technology (HIT) – According to W. Health Information refers to the systems of computer program software and physical hardware components that systematically function to process, store, retrieve, use, and share healthcare knowledge, data, and information for the purposes of the communication within the healthcare system.

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This toolkit can help public health managers to plan for the implementation of information and communications technology (ICT) in health information systems.

JTVCC Independent Review Team FINAL Report 1 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Purpose ‐ The marriage between information and communication technology (ICT) and law has brought forward a significant change in the administration of justice.

Electronic security systems can help control these unethical practices in academic libraries. Greenwood and Mckean () reported that after installing an electronic security system at the Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal,

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