A report on the low cost and differentiation strategies in the hotel industry and among clothing ret

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A report on the low cost and differentiation strategies in the hotel industry and among clothing ret

Sathana Green banking refers to the banking business conducted in such areas and in such a manner that helps the overall reduction of external carbon emission and internal carbon footprint.

Although, banking is never considered a polluting industry, the present scale of banking operations have considerably increased the carbon footprint of banks due to their massive use of energy e.

Banks should go green and play a pro -active role to take environmental and ecological aspects as part of their lending principles, which would force industries to go for mandated investment for environmental management, use of appropriate technologies and management systems.

Adoption of greener banking practices will not only be useful for environment, but also benefit in greater operational efficiencies, a lower vulnerability to manual errors and fraud, and cost reductions in banking activities.

Banks in India are already offering many of the Green banking services.


This paper tries to find out the attitude of the bank employees towards the green banking initiatives of Public sector commercial banks in India. Disability occurs due to neurological inflammation that can manifest as silent neuritis which develops without any pain.

Silent neuritis can be recognized early with a routine prevention of disability POD assessment. A year-old male patient was referred from a District General Hospital with a history of numbness and stiffness of his 4th and 5th fingers of his left hand since 1 month before admittance.

The POD assessment at our hospital demonstrated sensory deficit at some points of assessment on both palms and reduced muscle strength of the first and 5th fingers in both hands.

Nerve conduction velocity NCV performed at the outpatient of Neurology Department, showed multiple mononeuropathy MH with irreversible damage.

Nerve damage is still considered reversible when it occurs less than 6 months. In this case, the silent neuritis was not detected early and there was delayed treatment; as showed by NCV which revealed a manifestation of irreversible nerve damage.

Routine POD assessment may detect the condition and appropriate treatment may overcome the nerve damage. Mbachu, P When exercising for a very long period of time, sweating will occur and other physiological responses such as dehydration, decrease blood glucose, increase in heart rate, loss of electrolytes, fatigue etc which will lead to a decrease in exercise performance.

Hence, there is an important function of rehydrating the body with fluids sport drinks containing electrolytes and carbohydrates to improve exercise endurance and performance. In this study examined the effects of effect of home made fruit drink coconut and pineapple on exercise endurance time of young adult females, age: After the 45 minutes exercise, they rested for 10 minutes and were administered the different drinks control 1 watercontrol 2 lucozade sport drink and test sample home-made coconut-pineapple fruit drink.

After administering the drinks, their heart rates and blood pressures were taken and measured then they rested for 5 minutes.

The Hotel Industry in most metropolitan cities in the world is characterized by high capital costs and a high proportion of fixed costs to total costs. The high capital costs require that from the outset the project must be managed to achieve the most cost-effective use of resources applied to construction, furnishing and equipment, pre. The retail sector in Sweden has an outstanding productivity ratio in comparison to retail sectors in other countries. In this paper we claim that the main reason to this is the HRM practice on. The fashion industry doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the needs of those with a disability and seem only focused on standard size clothing. Recently there have been a few companies trying to bring more awareness to the forefront.

After a period of rest for 15 minutes in total, they continued the exercise till they were exhausted. The result indicated that the home made coconut-pineapple fruit drink observed to have an effect on the endurance time as well as the lucozade sport isotonic drink, while water was observed not to improve the endurance time.

S This paper aims to study the short-run performance of spot and futures prices of gold contracts in the Indian commodity market. Time series data for one year starting from April to March is used for analysis.

The data collected through NCDEX website and 10 grams gold contract prices in spot and future market only considered for this study. Correlation is used to study the relationship between risk and return on the spot and future prices. It is found from the analysis that the gold futures price and returns are not normally distributed.

Spot market outperformed the futures market in terms of return and risk. The religious commitment is covered in three major Islamic teachings: Iman faithIslam surrender to Allahand lhsan state of being observed by Allah.

The model of Islamic counseling aims to tight students' religious commitment must to be applied immediately because the preface study reveals some students' religious commitment were not strong enough, their behavior and thinking symptoms tend to not appropriate yet with Islam norm among their association and conception toward the truth of God.

To achieve the aim, the study was carried out with three steps: Of students, 70 students are from the classes: A 32 peopleB 38 peopleinvolved in control group and the test; 37 people from class C, and 33 students from class D involved in the experiment group, and; 3 designing a final model by revising the model tried-out.

The variable involved three major Islamic dimensions: The model was designed based on the theory put forward by Musfir bin Said Az-Zalmmi, that is, an integrated counseling model. The model combines and employs the ideas from other concepts into a tightly united concept, called Islamic concept.The result of the evaluation of a pilot model (without electromyography record and self-report) have shown an association between envy and SC, in a way that as the individuals report a greater sense of envy, the greater the chance to experience SC.

On a Friday afternoon in the summer, when many of the buildings 1, employees are working remotely and the building sensors report low occupancy, the company can choose to . Europe ROI Low 13 11 17 ('. with low market share and low quality.

the ROI in the U.2 Market Share.1 Relationship of both Market Share and Quality with ROI Qwllity In/erior shows effect of market share and product quality on ROI [10].5/5(1). * The semiskilled worker's consciousness of the importance of product quality and product service is low.

Thus. has various positive and negative characteristics: " It is relatively low cost: Zimbabwean labor is about one-hall as expensive as South African labor in some manufacturing activities.

A report on the low cost and differentiation strategies in the hotel industry and among clothing ret

Crushes, Frenemies, Gossip and Bullying' a Metro Parent Magazine Workshop, November 30, in Troy, Provides Strategies for Dealing With the Social Challenges Today's Teens Face PM UTC. Aldrich, Frances and Wilson, C () Good books and a lasting legacy: report on the International Tactile Book Competition.

Insight, p. 7. Alexander, Carol, Kaeck, Andreas and Nogueira, Leonardo M () Model risk adjusted hedge ratios.

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